Welling Court

In 2008 and on into 2009 I did not have what anyone would call a “regular” job, and was left to my own devices. I spent a lot of time in the ‘ol neighborhood as I worked on my weight loss book, “If I Can Lose It…”. As I wandered, I was struck by how ugly and shabby the place looked, in spite of it being one of the best, most friendly, and welcoming places I’ve ever lived. Many people living on Welling Court had never in their lives been to an art museum or gallery. I was inspired to bring art to them, and to myself, and so began a journey that had me speaking with many different people from everywhere in NYC. Eventually connections were made and the Welling Court Mural Project was born. Today it is one of the 10 hottest art destinations in NYC. The people living on Welling Court and throughout the surrounding blocks, are proud of the place they live and many of them now participate each year in creating art on the ever changing walls of Welling Court.