Book Design

The Time Mistress – series by Georgina Young-Ellis. Original front covers designed by Dark Water Arts. Full print-version cover and interior designs by Jonathan Ellis for LTB Publishing. 

Elizabeth Darcy & Me – series by Georgina Young-Ellis. All interior and exterior designs by Jonathan Ellis for LTB Publishing:

Cover and interior designs by Jonathan Ellis for Random House Publishing as well as a few others. 

As a designer my question to you is: Do you choose a book by its cover?

Sure you do! It’s nothing to be ashamed of:-) As readers and writers we’re just naturally visual people, that’s all. Come on, you know everybody does it! -) 

But it’s not just the cover is it? The look and feel of the interior is also of major importance. Even with eBooks the interior design (or lack thereof) can make a difference.

It may not be that the difference is even noticeable to the reader on a conscious level, but a solid design in all aspects of a written work can make the reader feel at home and comfortable, or adversely it can give them a sense of underlying chaos.

It is through such feelings, along with the actual content of the book itself of course, that they will come back, or not, to read new works by the same author.