It’s all Media

Media, like it or not, is what we live in… 

It has been said it started with newspapers a couple of hundred years ago, but I would argue that media predates newspapers all the way back to cave-people noticing that, when there were clouds, rain might be on the way. Media is the world of our senses communicating with our environment and receiving input in return.

Media is the dream of dreaming that we are not dreaming at all.

Even the fact of possessing an alarm-clock fully establishes the connection between the sleeper and the device. The device is counted upon to interact with the peaceful dreamer, bringing them to wakefulness at a specific moment in time. We are in a symbiotic, sometimes even a parasitic relationship with the media soup that surrounds us, so involved are we that the reality of the situation is for all intents – is invisible to us.

We work, play, eat, sleep, study, drive, ride, make love, think deep thoughts, make note of sounds, smells and interact with subtle and vivid textures of everything around us. We live in a surrounding encapsulating fog of media. Even those people who have chosen to live “off-the-grid” are still in a continuous connection with this media driven world. I am suggesting that media extends even to the rising and setting of the sun and moon, to the tides and the winds that encircle the planet.

Media consultation then is so more than understanding how to interact with what is broadcast, socially interactive, entertaining, and/or informative…

It is about understanding what our individual relationship is to one another as well as to the rest of the people on this planet.