Let’s Get Started

Alright then, 

What do we need from you to begin?

Your original files.  Please use this form:

Once we have your files they will be placed in a shared Google Drive (gDrive) Folder with your name on it, and a link will be sent to you. Through that link, you will be able to see exactly what’s happening in real time. As the design process moves along, you’ll be able to see and approve, or disapprove, of each and every action. 

As mentioned above, you will asked for approvals on the work that’s been done, and the work will only be complete when you have approved everything.  It will always be up to you.

Typically, the form above works perfectly, however if you encounter any problem getting files to upload (this can sometimes happen because of file sizes), please just go ahead and submit the form anyway without the materials. We’ll still set up your shared gDrive folder and send you the link. You’ll be able to place your files for upload, in that folder directly.

There’s always a way:-)